The wonderful Kitsap Select staff has compiled an easy step-by-step guide to help you through the tryout process. We can't wait to see all of you at tryouts and wish you the best of luck!!!  

Before Tryouts, come see us and play with us to prepare for tryouts at our several Open Gym/Open Houses!  Dates and Times posted Posted Below!!!

Come check out our club & meet our director & coaches at our open gyms/houses, before tryouts!


Step 3: Get your PSR TRYout membership

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kitsap Select Volleyball Club

Taking it to the next level every set!

Step 4: Register for Tryouts

Kitsap Select Pre-Registration

Step 1: Know your age division

Step 7: Welcome to kitsap select: Attend 1st team meeting

Please review and fill out all the linked forms and bring them with you to tryouts.  Also, don't forget to bring a copy of your $5 PSR Tryout Membership confirmation page, as well with these four forms.  Please do NOT bring a copy of your membership card, as we cannot accept this as verification of having a PSR Tryout Membership.  Then, you will need to register with KITSAP SELECT for our tryouts.  PRE-REGISTER TODAY!!!  You can do so by paying securely through PayPal below for ONLY $20 and expedite your check-in process at tryouts or register at the door for $30.

Step 5: attend Tryouts

Check-in Starts an HOur before the Tryout Start time. 

After the tryout is complete, the coaching staff will meet to compare player evaluations. After serious deliberation and discussion, the coaches will come to a decision of what players they believe deserve spots on each team. We usually have one U10/U11/U12 team and two to four teams in every other age group ranging from U13-U18.  But, each year the numbers in each age group vary and we will try to field as many competitive teams in each age group as we can manage, to give as many athletes the opportunity to play club as possible.  The players selected to be on a Kitsap Select team will receive a PSR Letter of Commitment, right after the coaches deliberate on the tryout evaluations.  You will leave tryouts with a letter of some kind no matter what.  It will either be a Letter of Commitment or an Alternate Spot Letter to play with Kitsap Select.  So, please stay after tryouts are over and wait to hear the announced team and to receive your Letter from us for this season.  While waiting for your Letter, please try on the Nike gear and get sized for everything you will be provided with the season.  Please do not be discouraged, if you do not initially receive a letter of commitment and you received an alternate spot letter.  Alternates may be offered team spots, if they become available, as soon as there is a spot to fill on any given team in the proper age group.  If a spot does open up, we will notify you with a Letter of Commitment by email.  Letters of Commitment can be signed and accepted immediately to secure you spot on a KITSAP SELECT team or you can wait up to 72 hours to sign and return the letter to us to secure your spot on the team for the season.  After 72 hours, you spot can be withdrawn and offered to someone else though.  So, we encourage you to let us know your final decision and sign and return your Letter of Commitment, before the 72 hours expire from receiving your Letter of Commitment, if you choose to play with us.  We do however, understand that choosing to play for any specific club or team is a huge decision and we do not want to put pressure on you in anyway.  Please let us know your decision either way, as soon as you know what you are going to do for the 2018-2109 USAV Season.  Thank you in advance for that courtesy.  We appreciate you trying out with us and thank you for your time and consideration in playing for us.  We hope you chose to join Kitsap Select this season, as it is a truly amazing club, top notch experience and your volleyball game will improve immensely too!  Become a part of something greater than yourself and be apart of the amazing KITSAP SELECT FAMILY!       

 ***The Letters of Commitment and the 72 hour time frame to respond to the letter to secure your spot on a team were set by the Region and not Kitsap Select.  This is how all clubs will operate this season.***

Step 6: Receive an offer

These Open Gym/House Dates are Great for Players, as they get to come out, play competitively and have fun, while meeting athletes in our club, as well as getting to know all of our exceptional coaches, prior to tryouts.  They are Great for Parents too, as you can Talk to Coaches and our Club Director to get to know us well and great a great feel for Our Club atmosphere.  Plus, get all your questions answered about club volleyball in general and specifics about Our Wonderful club, prior to tryouts.  Our Awesome Director will be at each Open Gym to chat with you about anything with tons of paperwork for you to pick up and look over about the upcoming club season.  We Hope you will Come Out and get to know Our Wonderful Kitsap Select Family!

Step 2: Find your tryout date & Time

Enter Player Name & Tryout Age in the box below

Ex. Linda Smith U18

USA Volleyball requires all club volleyball tryout participants in our Puget Sound Region to get a PSR tryout membership in order to be allowed onto the volleyball court for tryouts. Please get your membership, by clicking the PSR Tryout Membership button below.  Then, after your have registered, please print and bring a copy of your $5 tryout membership confirmation page to tryouts.  Below are the links to register and instructions of how to register, if you need help.

Please show up for designated tryout age group at the time the doors open or as early as possible prior to the tryout start time.  You will need plenty of time to check in, to turn in all your forms, get a tryout t-shirt and have time to warm-up. If you have not pre-registered, please bring a check made out to Kitsap Select or cash to be able to tryout for $30.  We are very excited to see all of you at tryouts and wish you the very best of luck!  *If you want to tryout and cannot attend your designated tryout time and date, please email the Director at and alternate arrangements will be made to have the athlete evaluated for a team.*

Once players have signed their PSR Letter of Commitments and Teams have been formed.  Each Player will need to attach themselves to Kitsap Select Volleyball Club in their PSR Membership Account and upgrade it to a Full Membership.  Click the button below log into your PSR membership account and complete these two steps.  Then, the teams will be ready to hit the floors for practice.  At the first practice, there will be a mandatory team meeting for parents and player to attend.  It will be the first 30 to 45 minutes of practice and will be used to go over the information that you need to know for the season. The players will get to have a fun first team bonding, where you get to pick your team name and get to know each other and the coaches.  Then, everyone will hear from the coaches and their expectations for the season, hear from our Director that will go over information that you need to know for the season and will answer any questions that you have.  Then everyone will need to sign contracts and pay the down payment for the season and we can get our amazing season and the first practice underway!