18 Tournaments

35 Competitive Days of Play

18 Tournaments

36 Competitive Days of Play

U17/18 National Team

U17/U18 Regional Team

U10/U11 Regional Team

12 Tournaments

17 Competitive Days of Play

Boys Regional Team

18 Tournaments

24 Competitive Days of Play

16 Tournaments

25 Competitive Days of Play

16 Tournaments

28 Competitive Days of Play

U13/U14 Regional Team

Check out how many More Tournaments and Competitive Play Dates you get with our Club versus the other Clubs in the area and Our Season is 1 to 2 Months longer for most teams.  BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK ON THE PENINSULA!!!

11 Tournaments

18 Competitive Days of Play

16 Tournaments

26 Competitive Days of Play

The Anticipated Tournament Schedules for 2019-2020 Teams are Posted! 

18 Tournaments

36 Competitive Days of Play

U16 Regional Team

12 Tournaments

16 Competitive Days of Play

U16 National Team

KITSAP U10-U18 Tournament Schedules

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kitsap Select Volleyball Club

Taking it to the next level every set!

U14 National Team

14 Tournaments

20 Competitive Days of Play

U15 National Team

U12 Regional Team

U15 Regional Team